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Hakuba Restaurants and Bars

The PubThere are several dozen restaurants and bars to choose from in Hakuba with a great concentration being in the Wadano/Happo Village area.

Other popular areas for eating out and drinking include Echoland as well as the area near Hakuba station.

Within a short walking distance from Deer Lodge, your Hakuba accommodation, there are multiple options and the Shuttle bus to Echoland also stops near the Deer Lodge.


Some of our favorites include:-

Wagyu KobeyaKobeya

Windy's has been a big hit with all the customers. If you like Wagyu beef or Yakiniku (thin slices of beef and vegetables cooked at your table on a griddle or gas burner) you'll love this place. Great food served in a pleasant atmosphere, and they even provide free pickups and drop offs! Highly-Recommended!


This is an izakaya with good cheap food and a great atmosphere. It's the somewhat rustic log cabin about 50 meters past the hummingbird on the left hand side. Try the Oden or Shabu Shabu for some classic warm winter Japanese food. Cheap and easy.

Hakuba Ringoy

Nagano-ken is famous for Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles) and you'd be hard pressed to find better soba anywhere than at this specialty soba restaurant just down the hill. The noodles are made fresh daily by the master and are said to have healing qualities appropriate for those who may have enjoyed too much beer and sake between days on the slopes. Besides the superior noodles, what makes Ringoya unique is the variety of sauces available to dip the soba in. Try the "Soba Zanmai" to experience all 3 dips including walnut, daikon and traditional soba sauce. Open lunch only.


A beautifully restored 100 year old Japanese building with delicious local dishes you can choose from to complete your 900yen or 1100yen lunch set that includes the healthy and hearty "Ohyokuri" soup. Cheap delicious lunch sets – local Japanese cuisine. Recommended!


Maeda is another one of our favorite soba restaurants. Soba can be served hot or cold, by itself or with other things. Try the "tenzaru soba" (cold soba noodles served with assorted tempura) if you're feeling hungry! Recommended!

Non JaeNon Jae's

The biggest Izakaya in Hakuba. Can accommodate large groups easily and even has karaoke rooms in the rear for when you've had a few too many. Try the geso age omori (Fried tender squid – huge portion). Open late.


This is the original sushi restaurant in town……and it's fantastic! The atmosphere is great, with no small thanks to the owner/chef whose Fugu preparing license hangs proudly on the wall. Fugu or blow-fish contains a deadly toxin and only specially trained chefs are allowed to prepare it. It's considered a delicacy and because of its rarity needs to be ordered a couple days in advance. But if you want to save your near death experiences for on the slopes, there are numerous non-toxic fish to choose from!

Shoya Maruhachi

Housed in a beautiful restored 17th century farmhouse Shoya Maruhachi is the place in Hakuba to eat kaiseki. Kaiseki is a type of art form that balances the taste, texture, appearance, and colors of food. To this end, only fresh seasonal ingredients are used and are prepared in ways that aim to enhance their flavour. Local ingredients are often included as well. They also do a free pick up and drop off for 4 persons or more!